indonesia : means by bureaucrazy

ironic, six letters that representing the condition of bureaucracy in Indonesia. 

six letters that describe the slow performance, complex system, unclear regulation and unbelievable output of public institution in this lovely nation. it has been so long, those all public institution run in a worst bureaucracy, neither education or health. even justice. nothing goes better in this country although a dozen students have died in  the reform era in 1998. nothing goes better even until this day. and no one agreed to spread the good news that would happened in Indonesia except shortly before the election.

hundred of millions people weeping for their country that led by the humans who only keep promise. how  tears has not stop to flood the earth though since Indonesia’s independence day was proclaimed.

no need to winded long words to spread the whole of horrors that occurred. let me tell you how sad is the education in indonesia.

indonesia got 286 trillion IDR as education budgetary. but there still 12 million child dropped out of school. so where did the money gone?

we know every child, every students who in needs are got rights to receive scholarship from the government. but until this day, only private institution who did cares. i’m sorry to wrote this. but every human got rights to spoke out their arguments. this is a democracy nation, isn’t it? yes, a democracy nation with a bureaucrazy mind inside.

as a student, i know the one who ever got three times failed in reach the scholarship from the public education institute although she had fulfill the qualification, got up than 3,4 as gpa, but still failed. instead, the others who got 2,4 as gpa, plus got cars to rides for campus is the one who got the scholars. well then, maybe the institutes doesn’t need to attach such announcement likes : gpa up than 3,0 , active in organization, doesn’t receive any scholarship, etc. if the one who receive is opposed the qualification. maybe the institute could change their announcement likes : gpa below than 3,0, got cars to rides for campus, got relation to the internal of institute. that’s much better than they lie to the entire of campus. and instead, they receive the candidates who oppose the qualification that exist!

well then, i got my estimation. that 40 percent students got scholarship because they are awarded, the 30 percent got because they are need it, and the 30 percent else got because they got links to the internal of the institution itself. 

the one who got the relation to the internal might have a great power of relationship. a public institute can give an output and service faster to the people if the people have relation to the internal public institute, than if they have to give service and output to unknown or maybe the ordinary people. how a worst bureaucracy. how a relationship give a loyalty in facing everything. so let’s race to expand your partner. because nowadays, most people doesn’t see “who in needs”, but “who in links”.

no need to avoid, this is the fact and we all know this is as a public secret.

let’s pray for our indonesia, hope it would get well soon. cured form the sickness that called bureaucrazy.


it’s only a notes by a novice WHO LOVES INDONESIA.


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